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AMA Film Academy is a film school which allows its students to gain skills in all areas of the film industry. It has been created by experienced filmmakers. The lecturers at AMA FILM ACADEMY are directors, screenwriters, cameramen, actors, film producers, scenographers, editors, sound engineers, image post-production specialists, film assistants, film technologists and technicians, as well film and art theoreticians. The learning takes place in modern conditions, with the use of future technologies. The teaching program evolves as new trends in cinematography arise and film technologies develop, it also includes the basic fields of the audio-visual industry such as: directing, screenwriting, camerawork, film production, acting, image post-production, and sounding. 

The founder of the school is Piotr Lenar – an author of film shots with a rich artistic output which consists in national and foreign productions, but also a lecturer at film schools with many years of experience. 

AMA FILM ACADEMY is a brand handled by the Multi Art Foundation, recorded in the Registry of Training Institutions under the number 2.12/00121/2016 and the Register of Non-Public Artistic Schools of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the number 578/20/2011 as a Non-public Post-secondary Film-Artistic School “AMA”. 

Recruitment AMA FILM ACADEMY carries out its own recruitment for the offered majors and courses. The recruitment process consists in assessing the candidate’s predispositions, scope of knowledge, and level of film related skills. Anyone who feels the vocation can apply for the AMA FILM ACADEMY. If you want to be practically prepared for a film related profession, do your best and let us see you! The school carries out two-year, one-year, and semester courses as well as individual workshops. When applying to be accepted to AMA FILM ACADEMY a mandatory condition is passing the recruitment process which consists in: online registration, registration confirmation sent via e-mail by the AMA FILM ACADEMY office (e-mail, link, FTP) or personally leaving a file at the school’s office, and carrying out a recruitment interview on a determined date. 

A condition to be accepted for workshops and individual courses at AMA consists in: 

All information can be provided under the office’s phone number at +48 514-584-030 Contact concerning recruitment: rekrutacja@akademiamultiart.pl

AMA FILM ACADEMY reserves the right to limit the number of course participants or to call off a course in case of an insufficient number of participants. We carry out our own scholarship system which is a discretionary system, each time depending on the Management’s decision.

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